Other Languages Involved

There are other languages involved in Forth Projects. These are used to create Forth Systems. You will notice that every one of those languages can be compiled to WebAsm and thereby run on a Web Server.

  1. C, it’s quite common to see Forth Systems whose VM is written in C. My own Forth, eForth, r3, 8th are a few among the Forth Sytems whose central core is written in C, it also can compile to WebAsm.
  2. Rust an up and coming language that is a very fast Systems language that is safer than many other languages but it can generate applications that can run in a Web Server as it generates WebAsm code.
  3. Clojure an offshoot of Lisp it also generates WebAsm code so the output can run in a Web Server.
  4. Golang a new system language that can generate fast native code applications or use WebAsm so the application can tun in a Web Server.

    Of course there is assembler but that is not very portable.