r3 and r4 Compilers

Work in Progress

r3 a ColorForth like language for Windows, Linux, and Web usage. The Linux version is supposed to generate 64-bit code, the Linux version is a work in progress with the Linux version only minimally functional.

r4 is a 32-bit Windows compiler based on ColorForth.

Both are very simple Forth languages that can generate native code. r3 in particular looks to be useful to me since I`m interested in 64-bit Linux code. Provided are TCP-IP, and Graphics libraries.

Unfortunately, the Linux compiler is not functional since it is written for Windows, and the author is not working on that feature yet. Also, it seems that some of the critical files to build the system are missing, and since there is no documentation available other than word usage those problems make the porting the software to Linux for me an extremely difficult task. The missing files are available on a different zip file r3mp

A shame as it nice and simple, and eventually could generate x64 Linux code, which is exactly what I was looking for, but it’s not to be right now. Over the last few weeks, the author has fixed several bugs so now the major missing feature is the compiler into assembler for Linux.